About Ryan

Rooted in 12 years of study and practice in the world of holistic wellness, my entry into the world of beekeeping was an unexpected one. During a challenging period in the summer of 2013, when I felt there was something missing from my life and full-time holistic wellness practice, the honeybees showed up.

The bees came in many curious ways over a period of several weeks, culminating with a friend leaving me copies of Towards Saving the Honeybee by Gunther Hauk and Bees by Rudolf Steiner on my doorstep. Something in these books, and through them, the bees, called to me in a profound and beautiful way. Having no previous experience with bees or beekeeping, I started taking classes, workshops, and reading just about everything I could find on the subject.

the best medicine

After a series of near-miraculous meetings and experiences, it was clear that keeping bees was the next step my life and career were going to take. I took some time off to start my own rooftop hive here in Chicago, design and build beehives, travel and study with an organic beekeeper in Eugene, Oregon, and to begin a 2-year Sustainable/Biodynamic Beekeeping training with Gunther Hauk at his internationally recognized honeybee sanctuary in the Blue Ridge mountains. I also ran a successful Kickstarter* campaign to raise money for a natural beekeeping endeavor here in Chicago, and halfway through my 2-year program with Gunther, I was accepted as an intern at his honeybee sanctuary, where I lived and worked for 9 months.

After completing my 2-year training and internship at the sanctuary, I now work part-time here in Chicago as a holistic wellness practitioner, with the rest of my time devoted to keeping bees, catching swarms, building hives and natural beekeeping educational work. Life is sweet.

Feel free to contact me for any reason! I look forward to hearing from you.

~Ryan Lee

*Special thanks for the support and generosity of these good people, who helped successfully fund my natural beekeeping Kickstarter:

Abigail Rice, ali chung, Aliza, Aliza Becker, Allen Baker, Amma, Amy W., Anna Todaro, Annette VanVeen Gippe, Annmarie Chereso, Anonymous, Anonymous, Aris George Michalopoulos, Ave, B.Finucane, Best Big Sister Katje!, Beth Masterson, Brian J, Brian, Dayna, Gabe, and Jake Goldstein, Christina Spottiswoode, Cindy Soper, Colleen McFarland, D Valletta, Dayaram Rayner, Diccon Lee, Ed Kriege, Elaina Joy Bender, Elizabeth Posner, Ellen Fox, Ellen Power, Erin Thorn, gailynn carroll, Hilary Stillman, Jeff K., Jose Trigueros, Judith Quittner Seizys, Julie Monahan, Kara Blain, Karen Shoshana, Kate D, Katje Sabin, Lani Momeyer, Laura Swan, Laurie, Lillian Hsu, Marta, Mary Ann Pollett, Michelle Dooley Sieman, Missy Kolar, Monica Radu, Nancy Lee, N. Senatore, N. T. Lake, Nicole Burke, Nora Fiffer, Padma, Peter Silverman, Preston and Emily Klik, randall, Sarah Canfield, Susanne Suffredin, Tapasya Katarina Stanisavljevic, Tim and Lori Mayer, Tim Ruddell, Toni Z, Tricia, and Trish De Groot.


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